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Day #94

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

A visit to the project at 9:00 AM today finds work well underway.  The crew is trying to make the most out of the "cool" morning yet the temperature is already in the mid-80's.   Hot, dry conditions are now playing a role in the construction effort.   But even though the volunteers have been knocking off work around 3:00 PM each afternoon for the past week due to the heat, they are still making progress.  

All of Patterson Street is now in, with short stints going north and south on the streets of each intervening block.   Right now work is concentrated on Balch Street, which is one block west of Main.   Construction is heading south, with the goal being to finish out this street before moving to any other location. 

The 8-inch line connecting the tower remains unfinished. although an earlier plan had the tower the next goal following completion of Patterson Street.  The volunteers are awaiting the arrival of another 8-inch valve and the person to install the fixture at the tower.   

Makeup of the crew today is Howard Field, Bob Elwell, Steve Spiegel, Carl Studer, James Haskins, Steven Place (son), and Vickie Stafford.   Marilyn Graham and Linda Hunsicker, both with Kansas Department of Commerce & Housing, are visiting today to participate in the work, as well as to monitor the progress.  Greg Duryea, Kansas Rural Water Association, is also on location to see how things are going and to offer any assistance he can.  

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