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Day #54

Monday, June 19, 2000

The line down Howe Street now has water in it.   Pressure tests were performed on Friday, June 16th, and everything went extremely well.   This has enabled the community to begin switching residences over from the old system to the new.   Given the fact it is now harvest, the plan is to continue the switch-overs without digging up any more streets.  That way the crew can avoid interfering with the truck traffic moving through town, as well as with that occasional combine sporting a 30-foot header.  

Today also found the county in town chewing up asphalt along two blocks of Main Street.  The Jewell County road and bridge crew coordinated this work with Formoso so the volunteers would not have to fight through approximately 6-inches of asphalt before being able to lay new lines in the downtown area.  Main Street thus becomes the next focus of effort once harvest is completed.  

After the lines are then laid, the county will return and spread the granulated asphalt back over the streets and roll it until smooth.  

Jewell County deserves credit in that it is donating the labor and machinery in support of what Formoso is doing for itself.  

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