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Day #22
(One month from the start of construction)

Tuesday, May 2, 2000 

It rained all day yesterday, which was welcomed even though the actual laying of lines was halted.  The crew never-the-less spent the day productively by better organizing materials placed in storage and by assembling fire hydrants.  

Today, construction once again is underway with the plan being to continue south on Howe Street.   As work proceeds, everyone awaits the arrival of Marilyn Graham and Linda Hunsicker, KDOCH representatives, along with Jane Schautz of The Renselaerville Institute located outside Albany, New York.  They are scheduled to visit the project over the next couple of days to see how things are proceeding.  As it happens, Linda arrives just before the dinner break, while Marilyn and Jane arrive once dinner is over and work has resumed. 

Photo at right shows Vickie Stafford (lower left) instructing Linda Hunsicker, KDOCH, on how to pack sand around the water pipe with a hoe.   Standing either side of the trench are Bob Elwell (yellow helmet) and Carl Studer (red helmet) who busy themselves shoveling in the sand.  

James Haskins reports the crew is working together better as a team, for a process has been developed wherein each person has assumed a role.  James believes work is speeding up as a result, for everyone has learned what needs to be accomplished now without a great deal of discussion being necessary before individual action is taken.   And as one watches the crew performing their tasks, it is easy to spot people working in tandem on smaller parts of the project, then coming together to address major issues when more manpower is needed or a problem needs to be solved.   

Such teamwork is seen in the photo at right, for it shows Steve Spiegel (left, center) guiding one end of the pipe Mike Peters supports in the air.  Linda Hunsicker then holds a board over one end of the pipe as Bob Elwell taps it with a sledge.  This forces the pipe being held aloft into that already connected to sections previously laid.   

Meanwhile, the trencher driven by Bob Grimm (not pictured) proceeds down Howe Street (to the viewer's right in the picture above), opening the trench to receive the pipe.  Even further down the street and ahead of trencher is James Haskins and Steve Place, marking the location of existing water mains and service lines.  

Additional Information

There are three crews working on the project, these being a day crew of about 8-9 people; an evening crew, 3 people; and a Saturday crew, it having about 5 people.   Noon meals are provided at the personal expense of the women preparing the food, with that expense being recorded to provide some of the local match money otherwise required by KDOCH in the project.  

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