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Day #24

Friday, May 5, 2000 

Work is proceeding right along and a great deal has been accomplished in the past couple of days.  In that time the crew has established trenches for at least 7 new service lines and 1 hydrant, with placement of those items coming later in the day.      

There's additional help today, as more volunteers are giving of their time.  Michelle Haskins, wife of James Haskins, has decided to join in.  Steven R. Place, who has been going after parts and video taping the work, is now walking behind the trencher, monitoring the depth of the trench.  Then too, Greg Duryea with the Kansas Rural Water Association, has come to see how things are going and to offer a hand for the day.  

Photo at right shows Duryea (blue hat) and Howard Field (red helmet) working in the trench tamping down sand.  Steven E. Place (yellow helmet) stands above watching the progress.  

The view looks south towards the southern end of Howe Street.  

In the extreme distance, Bob Grimm operates the trencher as Steven R. Place keeps a watchful eye on the depth. 


Dinner is being served at left in the fire hall.  Betty Reynolds and Ella Page (left to right) sit talking in the background after preparing the noon meal for the construction crew.  The food is great, consisting of two varieties of hot beans and cornbread, a cold macaroni salad, fresh vegetables, cherry upside-down cake, tea and water.   

Those getting food above include from right to left, Vickie Stafford, Howard Field and Steve SpiegelSteve Place is already seated and enjoying the food.

At left, Duryea (red shirt) talks to Stafford, Spiegel, Bob Grimm and Field about setting fire hydrants and about joining  more than five lengths of pipe and rolling them into the trench rather than doing one length at a time.  While both ways work, it is less demanding on the back if everything can be done outside the trench and on level ground. 

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