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Day #18

Thursday, April 27, 2000 

Activity so far this week has focused on the area around the tower and on Howe Street as it moves south from Patterson.  Progress down Omio Road has been delayed due to the bridge, for the city has decided the best route around the structure is across private property.  Contact has been made with the owner and discussions concerning an easement are underway.  In the meantime, the crew is going to go as far as they can down Howe Street.  

Photo at right looks north and shows the activity near the tower.  The crew has laid in the 8-inch line from Patterson, set another hydrant (seen right of center) and is preparing to finish tying into the tower itself.  

One of the unforeseen events that occurred yesterday (Wednesday) was the crew uncovered a sewer line serving the house immediately east of the tower.  In so doing they discovered the line was cracked and made a decision to replace the entire line as seen on the progress map.  That being done, today plans are to encase the sewer line in a 10-foot stretch of concrete at the point where the 8-inch main will cross.  Given the near proximity of both systems, KDHE requires a solid barrier between the lines to prevent the possibility of contamination.   

Looking Ahead

Pressure testing of the system so far is scheduled to occur next week, with equipment due to arrive on Tuesday, May 2nd.  

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