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Day #15

Monday, April 24, 2000 

The crew took the weekend off, both to rest and to celebrate Easter.  Everyone arrived refreshed this morning and set about finalizing the installation of the fire hydrant at the Patterson Street -- Omio Road intersection.     

Photo at right shows, left to right,  Bob Elwell (behind hydrant), Steve Place, Steve Spiegel and Bob Grimm.  

Photo below shows Steve Spiegel and Bob Elwell shaping a rock base that will be covered with cement and coarse gravel, forming a foundation to anchor the hydrant.   

Looking down the pipe at the assembly one sees the blue pipe itself, orange gate valve and hydrant.  The gate valve permits the city to control the flow of water to the hydrant, so if the hydrant becomes old or is somehow damaged, the city can shut the water off at the valve and effect replacement or repair.  
Plans for the afternoon include laying the 8-inch line from Patterson Street to the water tower.  This will enable the city to pressure test the work completed thus far.   It will also provide time for the crew to figure out how they are going to traverse a cement bridge found on Omio Road immediately south of the Patterson-Omio intersection.  Although by definition it is more a culvert then a bridge, the devise still presents a logistical problem.   Odds are the crew will be forced to cross at an angle, but that will require them to dig to depth of 7 feet or more, which is out of the range of the trencher currently in use.   

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