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Day #10

Wednesday, April 12, 2000 

Trouble arose today as the city awoke to discover a second leak had developed overnight on Main Street.  The first occurred Tuesday in an old line at the intersection of Yates Street and Omio Road.  The source of the problem is traced to events on Monday when a 6-inch Rural Water District line feeding the city was cut by a backhoe.  This forced RWD to shut off service to Formoso in order to make the necessary repairs, and when the water was turned back on, air in the lines rattled the old city system, finding weak points.  The volunteer team quickly moved from laying new line to fixing the old.     

Second Leak.

Looking north on Main Street between Patterson and Yates streets, the second of three leaks is being addressed.  

With the help of Bob Elwell, James probes the bottom of the hole to locate the pipe.  This is the second break in two days.  

The time is approximately 9:00 AM and the temperature is hovering in the low 40's. 

Later, a third break is discovered on Patterson Street parallel to the new line.  This view looks east, with the mound of dirt running along the left side of the road marking the new line.  The break being uncovered is an 8-inch main and is within 6-feet of the new line.   

Here, James and Steve Spiegel work to repair the 8-inch main.  A degree of frustration is expressed in that the clamp being installed costs over $300 and the line is due to be abandoned shortly.   

The time is approximately 4:30 PM. 

Once the third leak is repaired, the team calls it quits for the day, hoping nothing more happens to prevent them from making progress tomorrow.

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