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Important Announcements and Information for NCKCN members

Web Email Interface: NCKCN has a new web email interface for people on the go. All you need is any access point on the Internet and simply use your browser to check and send email. You can bookmark the page at This is also a way to clear any message that may be hung up in your email. You can simply delete it after it is downloaded. You simply login with your NCKCN username and password. For help, click the help button to bring up a separate window that explains everything about the new Web MailMan Interface. Please remember to logoff by clicking the Log Off icon in the upper right corner of the browser window when you are ready to leave. Also remember to delete your email messages once you a through reading or replying to them. Otherwise your email storage will fill up pretty quickly and you will not be able to get any more email once your email storage is full. 

Are you interested in knowing how popular your Community Network is, and what sites are the most hit? Click here for your Community Networks' Monthly Web Report. We also have Web Report for the Members web site. Click here for Members Monthly Web Report. If you are interested in your Virtual Domain click here for your Virtual Domain Monthly Web Report.

Tired of getting spam (junk email). NCKCN has added Postini email filtering. Our Postini services are a combination of spam and virus filtering for your incoming e-mail. While no system can provide 100% of filtering, this system has successfully removed 70 - 90% of unwanted e-mails in our tests. This service also holds filtered e-mails at a remote site, so you can scan through them in the rare occurrence of blocking an e-mail you would want. If you do have a spammer getting through, you can even attach a copy to an email to to help them fight this scourge of the Internet.  For more information on our Postini Email filtering service click here.

New Users - Check out our on-line support web page for new users. It's a great place to start learning about the Internet. Also be sure to check out the other tutorials and learning links listed on the Support web page

To answer some questions about dial-up disconnecting and session time - We strive to create an Internet environment where new users don't get charged for forgetting to disconnect and to share your communities resource to their fullest. The following should help to answer these questions.

If we have no input from your side after 15 minutes, the system will automatically disconnect you because it thinks you forgot to disconnect. This is a feature so people who do forget to disconnect are not charged for their mistake. This includes downloading a large file, this in only output from our side, no input from your side. There are utilities to counter this, they are called pongers and you can download them from the Internet. Another way to stay connected after long during a long download is going on, is to simply continue to browse the web, or better still, just set your e-mail software to automatically check for new mail every 5 or 10 minutes.

An average Internet session lasts 30 to 45 minutes. We set the absolute session time for one Internet connection at 5 hours in most communities. The system will automatically disconnect after that time is reached. We do this to allow the modems to be shared for everyone. If you anticipate a rather large download lasting over 5 hours, simply start the download as soon as you start your Internet session. We do this because you are part owner in the resources to access the NCKCN system and the Internet. Your neighbor who may also be an NCKCN member is also a part owner. This way the resources get shared evenly. However, some members would like/need a constant 24-hour connection, and we can do that also. You just need to drop us a note. We would like nothing better than to set the absolute-time as high as possible. When we can, rest assured we will.

If however you are browsing or generating input and you get disconnected, it's a pretty good indication of a bad telephone link on your end. We run the modems as fast as possible. This means there can be no noise generated on the telephone line or from your modem. If the problem persists contact your local telephone company to check out your phone line.

On-line Subscription Application - Members can view the on-line membership application for your information.

Need to Change your Password? - Go to the Password Change Request Form and we will get it changed as soon as possible.

On-line Schedule of Upgrades   - We have posted scheduled upgrades, maintenance and changes to keep you informed of how your network grows.

If you have support or general questions please email us at:
If you have any comments or questions about the NCKCN System, you can reach NCKCN by e-mail at:

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