Bill1.jpg (59769 bytes) Jewell, Kansas
Tuesday, June 9, 1998

Governor Bill Graves (top, center) is shown in Jewell City Hall announcing to a crowd of approximately 75 local residents that the City of Jewell will receive almost $1.5 Million from the Kansas Department of Commerce & Housing through that department's 1998 Comprehensive Development Program. 

Three Division Directors from the Kansas Department of Commerce & Housing were also in attendance, these being Steve Kelly (Business), Mary Faye LaFaver (Community Development) and Randy Speaker (Housing).  

Project Description

The project will position the City of Jewell within North Central Kansas as a residential/communter community by providing high quality basic services for senior citizens and young families.   The project involves enhancements to all facets of key community infrastructure.   The water distribution system will be rehabilitated to decrease water loss, leaks, odor and poor taste.    Approximately 20 homes will be rehabilitated and four uninhabitable units will be demolished.  Five buildings in a dilapidated downtown block will be razed and replaced with a new multi-purpose community facility including a day care, meeting rooms, office space and motel rooms.  

The grant of $1,477,740 will be matched by another $321,342 from various local sources to enable the community to carry out the tasks outlined.  More specifically, these are as follows.

Downtown Revitalization
Remove dilapidated downtown buildings that presently decrease resident pride in their town.
Construct multi-purpose facility in the same location as those buildings removed.   This building will:
House enhanced library system;
Provide public internet access point;
Provide public space for civic groups, family events, community celebrations and business promotions;
House a day care center for working families in their home community; and,
House several rooms that provide motel accommodations for overnight travelers and former residents who are visiting Jewell.
Enhance the value of other existing downtown businesses; and,
Draw Additional people into the business area of town.
Housing Rehabilitation and Demolition
Enhance city housing infrastructure through the rehabilitation of 20 houses.
Remove dilapidated housing and clear lots for future development.
Improve community image and renew interest in neighborhood redevelopment.
Water System Improvements
Replace approximately 25,000 Linear Feet of water line, along with associated fire hydrants, valves and meters in an area serving the downtown, school and residential area.