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Password Save checkbox for Windows 95/98

Symptom: You are using Dial-Up Networking and the Password Save checkbox is grayed out and unavailable.


When Windows 95/98 boots up initially and you are asked to login a password, if you click the Cancel button the password cache list file is not opened and subsequent password entries cannot be saved.

The solution to this is to enter a "null" password on boot. When you start Windows, you may be prompted to log on to Windows 95/98 with a password. If you do not want to log on using a password each time you boot, do not type anything in the password box. Just enter the name you wish in the User Name box, leave the Password box blank, and click OK. The prompt should not be displayed again.

The unavailable password checkbox can also occur if you have installed Dial-Up Networking but the client for Microsoft Networks has not been installed on your computer. To enable the option to check the Save Password box, perform the following:

  1. Click on START - SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL and the Double-Click on the NETWORK icon.
  2. Click on the ADD button.
  3. Click on CLIENT and then click the ADD button again.
  4. Under the Manufacturers window, click MICROSOFT. Now click Client for Microsoft Networks under the Network Clients window to the right and then click OK and cancel out of the Select Network Component Type window.
  5. Now click OK to exit out of the Network window.
  6. Windows will now install the necessary components, follow any on-screen prompts that may appear. If windows ask you to restart the computer, then click YES. If windows do not ask you to restart your computer, then click START - SHUTDOWN - RESTART THE COMPUTER and then click YES.

When windows is finished reloading, select your Dial-Up Network connection. You will now have the ability to check the Save Password box, place a check in the box at this time. You must then successfully connect using Dial-Up Networking in order for the password to remain saved the next time that you select Dial-Up Networking.

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