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The City of Formoso
The first K-STEP community in Kansas

October 26, 1998

Kansas Lt. Governor/Commerce Secretary Gary Sherrer today named the City of Formoso as the first Kansas Small Towns Environment Program (K-STEP) community at a news conference held in the Formoso Senior Center.   Seen here is the Lt. Governor (center) and ..........

(photo of award)


The Kansas Department of Commerce & Housing (KDOCH) initiated this action because Formoso possesses a failing water distribution system and is unable to fund its replacement in a cost effective manner.   Preliminary cost estimates show the need for $670,380 unless an innovative approach is developed.   K-STEP is such an approach.  

K-STEP is a self-help program that encourages communities to seek local solutions to problem solving rather than relying solely on outside service providers.  While applicable to all, it is hoped K-STEP will be especially useful to smaller cities possessing limited resources.  The goal is to reduce project costs by using volunteer labor provided by community residents.  

During his remarks, the Lt. Governor praised Formoso residents by saying, "The people of Formoso exemplify the commitment and desire this program stands for.  We are extremely priviledged to welcome this community to K-STEP."   (Quote reported in The Beloit Daily-Call)

Mayor Vickie Stafford, in her response, thanked Lt. Governor Sherrer and other KDOC&H officials present.   "We are very thankful to Commerce and Housing and this program.  We desperately need these water lines.   No one likes to be without water."   (Quote reported in The Beloit Daily-Call)

For more information on the project, please follow this lead.    Formoso Case History.

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