NCKCN Windows XP Guide


The supplied programs are Copyright of their respective owners, All Rights Reserved. It is provided as shareware with the following limitations:

This guide is written with the assumption that you already know how to operate your computer, and that you already know the basic terms used in this guide to describe operating your computer. NCKCN does not provide basic computer support as we do not sell computers or computer software. You must go through the Help and On-line guides on your computer first to learn how to operate your computer. There are also local businesses that provide basic computer support as well as classes from local schools that might provide this basic training.

This guide will take you step-by-step through configuring Windows XP to connect to the Internet for the first time. There is no software to install from the NCKCN CD-ROM, you already have Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, the latest software available, in Windows XP. Simply follow the instructions and run the simple New Connection Wizard to connect to NCKCN and the Internet. 

Windows XP Configuration Instructions

Using the Network Connection Wizard


To start the Network Connection wizard manually



Microsoft Outlook Express Guide

Microsoft Outlook Express is used to send a receive email and view newsgroups follow these simple hints. With MS Outlook Express you can have multiple email and news accounts at one computer. 

Please read the dialog boxes to follow the wizards. They are very easy to understand. Be sure to access the Help menu, it has all the answers to all your questions!

That's it. You should now be able to send and receive email from NCKCN.