NCKCN Netscape 4.x Setup Guide


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Dial-Up Networking

The component of Windows 95 that actually makes your connection to the Internet. This component uses your fully functional modem to dial into the Internet, establish a connection, and transfer data back and forth from you to the Internet.

Netscape Navigator

Used to graphically interact with computers all over the world. This is known as browsing the World Wide Web. You follow links by simply clicking on a URL (link or hot spot) on a web page to take you to another web page. You can always tell your mouse pointer is on a URL by your pointer becoming the shape of a pointing hand.

Netscape Mail

Netscape Mail is used to send and receive E-mail messages to and from other users as well as attach files along with your email. Netscape Mail is also used to subscribe to newsgroups and articles on the Internet.

Other Programs

Important Note: There are countless programs available to access and use the Internet. You are more than welcome to use and download any other program to do whatever it is you want on the Internet, however, it is impossible for NCKCN to provide technical assistance to all the programs available. Most programs will setup almost the same with the same information. If you need help, you have the entire world at your fingertips for help. Have fun discovering; that's what the Internet is all about!



The Username, Password and Phone number will be provided to you by NCKCN. Make sure that you enter them into the areas exactly as supplied. The Connection will dial in and verify you as an NCKCN member.

You may want to set your new home page to the NCKCN site.

Welcome to NCKCN!

You can return to NCKCN at any time during a web browsing session by clicking on the "Home" button of the browser interface.

That's it for the web browser. Now you can set up your email and news to connect to NCKCN.


Netscape Mail is used to send and receive email. To configure Netscape Mail correctly for NCKCN you should already have an active and working account at NCKCN and your Netscape browser and Modem must be able to connect to NCKCN properly. Perform the following steps to configure your email.


You should now be able to access, (read and send) email and use the news services. There are (at least) two ways to bring up the email component of the Netscape program - called Messenger Mailbox. You can either select the Messenger Mailbox option from the Communicator menu or you can click on the Mailbox button of the Component Bar. These two methods are shown below.

The email window will then open.


This action will bring up the Netscape news reader.

That is all there is to it! Welcome to NCKCN and enjoy your Internet.

When you are finished with your NCKCN connection, simply quit Netscape and your computer will ask if you want to disconnect. Simply click Yes to hang up your modem. The NCKCN system will automatically disconnect you after 15 minutes of inactivity to prevent users from wasting valuable time if the user is not doing anything as well. You can also view/change the Properties of the Dial-Up connection by selecting the Properties button. For more information on setting Windows 95 to automatically save your password (which it will not do by default), look on-line at the PC Info Center link on the NCKCN Support web page at

Troubleshooting tips:

If you are having problems connecting:

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