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Project and Impact

The project proposed is the complete reinstallation of the city's water distribution system which was first installed in 1929. This would include all lines, valves, hydrants, meters and household connections.

Project need is supported by the fact the current system has been averaging 5 line-breaks per year for the past four (4) years and has an unaccounted for average water loss of 28%. Four (4) years ago the system experienced an even greater number of line-breaks. Changes were finally made when the city chose to reduce line pressure following one (1) 30-day period when the system sustained 6 breaks.

Then too, the Formoso fire department is currently restricted on its use of hydrants. Three (3) of the twenty (20) present are painted black as a warning not to use them at all. Another five (5) are suspect and avoided. The remainder are considered useful. However, the city does not flush any of the hydrants as required by law for fear of collapsing the entire system with the sudden pressure surge that occurs upon closure.

Implementation of the project will benefit 71 households and 4 non-residential places by ensuring them a continuous, reliable supply of potable water for personal and business use. It will further enable the community to provide effective fire control if and when it is needed, since the new system will have the ability to support high-pressure hoses. The new system will also permit the city to meet Kansas law that requires the flushing of hydrants.

64% of the citizens are LMI according to HUD figures. This is underscored by the fact the average per capita income in 1990 was $6,654. This was but 68.6% that of Jewell County's average PCI. A new water system will reduce, if not entirely remove, the annual unplanned expense of line repair and enable the city to commit all funds so saved to meeting other community needs. What few tax dollars that are paid will thus be more effectively utilized. LMI people therefore benefit not only from the new system, but also from other capital improvements to local infrastructure.

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