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Day #83

Monday, July 31, 2000

The project is now headed west of Main Street on Patterson Avenue.  The crew completed the installation of all lines, taps and meter sets on Main Street last Friday afternoon, leaving the actual hookup of the lines to the houses along Main for a later time.  The reason for this is the city wants to ensure that everyone living along the street is home to monitor interior lines once the pressure of the new system is turned on.  

As of today, plans are to go to the west end of Patterson, set the fire hydrant, then return to the tower and complete work there.  The 8-inch line installed early on has yet to be actually hooked up to the tower, since the city did not want to loose the ability to fight fires on both sides of town.   

When digging on Patterson this morning, the crew uncovered a gas leak, so while Keith Droneberger (white t-shirt), a representative of Kansas Gas Service, addresses the problem, Bob Elwell, Bob Grimm, Steve Spiegel, Steve Place, and James Haskins look on.  

As Keith continued to work on the gas leak, the crew retired to the fire hall for a meat loaf, mashed-potato and all the trimmings dinner served today by Leeray and Dee Falk.  Leeray is shown preparing iced tea while Dee monitors the portions taken by Steve Place, Bob Grimm and 
Bob Elwell.   A near riot ensued shortly after this photo was taken when one of the crew not yet in the picture indirectly insulted the cook by asking for ketchup.  Once calm was restored, everyone enjoyed the meal, with many taking seconds. 

After dinner, young and old alike get involved, as Sara, the eleven (11) old granddaughter of Bob Elwell helps out by moving a ladder for Grandpa Bob seen in the trench.  Earlier in the morning, Sara had challenged her grandfather to 9 holes of golf.  There was no declared
winner according to Bob, leaving one to wonder just who did win.  

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