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Day #80

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Work continues amidst heat and drought.  Today found the crew at the south end of Main Street.  While James Haskins, Larry Stafford and Steve Place busied themselves setting a fire hydrant at the corner of Main and Adams, Vickie Stafford, Carl Studer and Bob Grimm continued to open a trench for the pipe.  

Photo at left shows Larry Stafford (partially hidden) operating the backhoe, while James Haskins examines the fire hydrant assembly prior to lowering it into the trench.  Steve Place (blue cap) looks on.  

Bob Grimm operates the trencher while Carl Studer assists by monitoring the depth of the trench from his wheelchair.   (Carl has a sense of humor, by-the-way.)       

The work has been likened before to an archaeological dig, only in Formoso's case, the town is uncovering its own past.  At the corner of Main and Adams the trench revealed a three (3) course layer brick sidewalk that is now approximately 12-inches beneath the intersection.   

Left to right, Vickie Stafford and Carl Studer stop to talk to Jeff Cooper (photographer on crutches) and Tim Unruh (writer) for The Salina Journal.   The paper was in town today to do a follow-up to the article published earlier on Sunday, April 2, 2000. 


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