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Day #47

Thursday, June 8, 2000 

Marilyn Graham, CDBG Program Administrator, and Linda Hunsicker, Field Representative, both with the Kansas Department of Commerce & Housing, arrived at 8:00 AM this morning to spend some time talking to and working with the crew.  It was an opportunity for "Topeka" to gain better insight into how the project is going and to see what, if anything, the state can better do to support those communities choosing the "Kan-Step" route.

All photographs shown today were taken by either Marilyn or Linda.  

James Haskins is shown operating the backhoe while Steve Place attends.  The site is on Omio Road south of Adams Street near the landfill road going east of town. 

Marilyn Graham takes instructions from Steve Spiegel on how to use a shovel while Carl Studer and Vickie Stafford look on.   The end of the pipe already laid can be seen behind Steve.  Marilyn reports they were able to lay a block of line while there yesterday morning.

Linda (white hat) adopts the pose commonly associated with state workers while talking to Vickie.




Vickie (below) displays what was laughingly described as the ribcage of a dinosaur when discovered.   You may recall the earlier story 

describing the strange apparatus found buried near the old school grounds.  What was termed the "monster" turned out to be four taps leading away from the water main towards the spot the school would have been.  No one knows why it was constructed in such a manner. 

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