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Day #45

Tuesday, June 6, 2000 

Part of the system now has water in it.  The section running along Patterson from Main to Omio has been pressure tested and although it is not able to hold 150 lbs/sq in pressure, it has held upwards of 100 lbs/sq in for an extended period.  Rural water pressure typically runs around 70-80 lbs/sq in.   A Kansas Rural Water Association representative is due on site tomorrow with a leak detector to see what if any problem exists. 

Meanwhile, the crew continues to work its way south from Patterson Street on Omio Road, having finished up the link between Spenser and Howe and after going half-way to Omio on Quy.  

The photo at right shows Carl Studer (foreground) and Howard Field shoveling sand into the trench on Omio, preparing the bed for pipe later.  The goal is to lay in a layer approximately 3-4 inches deep to cushion the pipe and to form a mold about the flanges for level support.

Steve Place can be seen in the background returning to the trencher.    

Later, Steve Spiegel (blue shirt) and Vickie Stafford (red hardhat), adjust an "ell" preparing to insert the pipe seen in the background.  

Left to right, Steve, Carl and Howard watch from above. 


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