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Day #37

Wednesday, May 24, 2000 

The crew is at it early today, trying to beat the heat.  Spencer Street has been aggravatingly slow due to a gas line that parallels the water main, coupled with the service lines going to each of the houses along the route.  Some of the digging has been done by hand, since the lines were too close together to allow either the trencher or backhoe to be used.  Spirits remain high, however, and the crew is going about their respective jobs.  

An example of what the team has been running into along Spencer is shown here.  The water meter and gas meter are often within 2-3 feet of one another at each house, with both service lines running parallel towards the street.  The workers must then tunnel under the main gas line to get to the water main on the opposite side of the street.   

Here, Mike Peters (yellow hardhat), Carl Studer (green hat) and Howard Field (blue hat) begin the task of digging out the water meter setting by hand.

Carl Studer (yellow hat) watches as James Haskins (blue hat) uses the tried and true method of "witching" the water line to determine its location.  This is done all along the street prior to trenching in the new main and service lines.     

Using a Cable Hound, James Haskins is shown here locating the gas service lines.  Immediately behind him is another water meter set flush to the ground.  

The Cable Hound is useful when the line is metal, but when the line is plastic James must resort to "witching" the system.
Current plans are to finish up Spencer Street and the loup over to Howe Street on Hawley Street before moving on.  The crew will then move back to Omio Road.  All work on Omio Road must be done within a month, since the group anticipates an early harvest and Omio is the main route farmers will take into town from the south.  

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