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Day #14

Tuesday, April 18, 2000 

It's the second day of a new week and progress continues.  Yesterday was broken up by a fire alarm at 2:30 PM sending some of the volunteers out to help fight a field fire north of town.   This did not stop work entirely, although it did slow things down. 

Most of the focus Monday was on the tower, preparing the way for the 8-inch pipe.  The crew located and dug down to the old pipe only to discover a 3 x 3 foot vault at the tower's base no one knew about.  Much of the digging was then done by hand in order to avoid damaging anything else that might be buried beneath the tower. 

Based on the discovery, the crew decided they would not be able to come away from the tower as planned, but would have to move at a 45-degree angle to avoid hitting pipe in the area.   

Left to right, Dean Cline, Don Fleming and Bob Elwell work at breaking up an old sidewalk blocking the way at the intersection of Patterson and Howe.  What they find is 6-inches of concrete laid over three courses of brick that extends out into the street.   Each take turns wielding the sledge. 

Steve Spiegel is seen in the background, while Mark Fleming runs the backhoe.    

The view now shifts to the north side of Patterson Street looking south towards Howe Street and where the group has just finished digging out the sidewalk. 
Shown laying two lengths of pipe, Siegel guides one end into the "T" while Elwell, Steve Place and Howard Fields work to move the pipe down the trench.   Cunningham Telephone employees are also shown in the picture, one helping guide the pipe along.   

(For greater detail, place your cursor on the picture and click.)  

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