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Day #103

Monday, August 28, 2000

It's the hottest day of the year so far and the tower is off-line.  Everyone's attention is centered on getting it hooked back up to the system so water service can be restored.  Extra help has been called in from the City of Mankato and the Rural Water Association to help address any problem that might arise.   The men from Mankato are Bob Freeman and Terry Ortman, both of whom work with Mankato's water system.   Greg Duryea is once again on site from the Rural Water Association. 

As luck would have it, everything goes smoothly, so smoothly in fact the tower is back on line by noon and everyone in town has water by 1:30 PM.     

Bob Grimm hands Steve Spiegel a flat piece of iron to help block off a joint on the line going to the tower.  (Tower vault seen in background.)   Terry Ortman from Mankato is assisting.

A red gate valve can be seen in the foreground, terminating the old 8-inch line.  

One of the fastest ways to communicate in a small town is to set up a barrel in the middle of Main Street.   Sign reads, "Water Off August 28th All Day for Tower Repair.  Do not use water until repairs are made.  Water available at city building.  Thanks.  City of Formoso" 

While the tower was off line, water was stored in liquid tanks and a portable tank for emergency fire protection.  

Potable water was available inside the city building itself.


Shirley Free (center, background) is seen here talking to Mike Peters.  Shirley has been the project's treasurer, providing needed background support and documentation.  

Also pictured is Howard Field (foreground).  

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