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Day #1

Monday, April 3, 2000 -- Construction Work Begins

The day dawns bright, blustery and cold, but there is excitement as today marks the start of construction.   While the official time for ground breaking is set for 1:00 PM when state and county-level officials are due to arrive, work begins in the morning as the first team of volunteers exposes the line linking the Rural Water connection to that of the city.       

James Haskins operates the backhoe as three others look on.  The building is Old City Hall, but now it serves as the city's equipment building and water plant. 

The line being uncovered is a 2-inch service feed.   

Dinner time arrives and everyone moves to the hall where beef and noodles, along with vegetables and dessert are served.  By now state and local officials have arrived.  

James Haskins sits at the end of the table, joined by Marilyn Graham, CDBG Program Administrator, KDOCH, and Rene Hart, former KAN-STEP Coordinator, KDOCH, sitting to his left.  Across from them sit Bob Elwell and Bob Grimm.


After dinner, Ned Webb, Director, Community Development Division, KDOCH, addresses a small crowd at 1:00 PM on the importance of the project, stating that the state is proud of the fact Formoso is the first of its kind in the state.  

Vickie Stafford, Mayor, takes the "official" gold shovel and turns a spade full of dirt commemorating the occasion.  

Following the official start of work, Vickie presents Marilyn Graham with the shovel, on whose handle is inscribed, 

1st Kan-Step
Formoso, KS
Thank You, KDOCH

Following the opening festivities, everyone moves on to the building where all of the material has been safely stored.  It is a time for discussion about the plans ahead and for additional photographs. 

Left to right are:
Linda Hunsicker, KDOCH; James Haskins, "Head Sparkplug"; Vickie Stafford, Mayor; Ned Webb, Director, KDOCH; Marilyn Graham, Program Director, KDOCH; and Rene Hart, former KDOCH Kan-Step Coordinator.

First day's all-volunteer crew.  Back row, left to right are Dean Cline, Howard Fields, Steve Spiegel, Bob Grimm, James Haskins and Vickie Stafford.  Front row, left to right are Dorothy Sjolander, Mark Fleming and Bob Elwell.

Activities end once everyone has had the opportunity to discuss the project and gain a better understanding of the work that lies ahead.  

Day #1 ends once everyone leaves and the volunteers regroup for tomorrow, when work starts in earnest.

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