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Saturday, October 14, 2000

A proclamation signed by Governor Bill Graves was read by Ned Webb, Director of Community Development, Kansas Department of Commerce & Housing, before an outdoor gathering of approximately 80 persons on Saturday afternoon, declaring October 14, 2000 as "Kansas Kan-Step Day" in honor of the City of Formoso and its completion of the first Kan-Step project in Kansas.  The framed document was then given to Vickie Stafford, Mayor of Formoso, to a standing ovation, honoring both the volunteers who participated in the project and the state for believing in the community.    

Pictured above, left to right, are James Haskins, Steve Spiegel, Vickie Stafford, Rev. Bob Elwell (seated behind Vickie), Ned Webb, Vera Dempsey, Marilyn Graham and Jane Schautz.  

While James Haskins organized the volunteers who dug the trenches and laid the lines, Vera Dempsey organized the cooks who prepared the dinners everyone declared "delicious".  

Marilyn Graham, as many already know, administers the Community Development Block Grant Program for the Kansas Department of Commerce & Housing and is the state official primarily responsible for the Kan-Step program.   Jane Schautz is from The Renselaerville Institute (TRI) outside Albany, New York, it being the organization that developed and introduced the "Step" program throughout the U.S.   


The following people are the volunteers who collectively gave more than 8,900 hours of their time this past summer to make this day possible.  They are to be commended for their devotion to Formoso and for the effort they made in making that community a better place to live.  

  • Jovena Anderson
  • George & Nadine Balch
  • Donna Bartley
  • Ruth Berneking
  • Lila Clark
  • Taylor and Edna Ruth Clark
  • Dean and Velma Cline
  • Estelene Davis
  • Lynn Dempsey
  • Vera Dempsey
  • Rosemary Doxon
  • Bob and Janet Elwell
  • LeeRay and Dee Falk
  • Howard and Louise Field
  • Don and Ruth Fleming
  • Mark Fleming
  • Ben and Shirley Free
  • Brian and Joy Gordanier
  • Ron and Friedel Gordanier
  • Bob and Ada Grimm
  • Gloria Guzik
  • Shelly Guzik
  • James and Shelly Haskins
  • June Haskins
  • Nancy Higbee
  • Jim and Nancy Howell
  • Matt Howell
  • Becky Huber
  • Barbara Hudson
  • Phyllis Hurd
  • John Johnson
  • Phyllis Jones
  • Bradley Keeler
  • Ann Keeler
  • Jeff and Brenda Koster
  • Bob McFarlene
  • Margaret Morrell
  • Sharon Morrell
  • Valentina Moser
  • Clare Osborne
  • Vickie Osborne
  • Joyce Patrick
  • Eddie Peters
  • Felicia Peters
  • Joe Peters
  • LaVerna Peters
  • Mike Peters
  • Steve R. and Delene Place
  • Steven E. Place
  • Vera Reed
  • Clint and Betty Reynolds
  • Howard Ross
  • Bob and Becky Roush
  • Luke Roush
  • Samantha Roush
  • Dorothy Sjolander
  • Robert Sloan
  • Nancy and Richard Spiegel
  • Steve Spiegel
  • Larry and Vickie Stafford
  • Carl and Maxine Studer
  • Anita Switzer
  • Marge Tremblay
  • Dennis and Dinina Uglow
  • Billy Waddell
  • Opal Watson
  • Roger Zimmer

Together, these citizens of Formoso laid 16,400 LF of 6-inch pipe, installed 48 gate valves, 26 water hydrants and 99 water meters, prepared approximately 130 noon meals, read meters, loaded and hauled trees which had to be removed for the project, did city mowing, cleaned up and hauled tree limbs following windstorms, hauled sand, donated equipment, went for supplies, delivered information flyers, and filled in for the city maintenance man (James Haskins) at his business.  

And then there were those from outside the community who filled in the gaps.  These people came from neighboring farms, towns and support organizations, making their time, talents and equipment available to Formoso when called.  

  • Dennis Appleby
  • Kyle Barrett
  • Kenny Chandler
  • Greg Duryea
  • Bill Eilert
  • Joel Elkins
  • LeeRay Falk
  • Rex Fischer
  • Jim Foster
  • Bob Freeman


  • Nathan Garst
  • Lloyd Hanson
  • Jim Hatfield
  • Lonnie Myers
  • Mark Novak
  • Terry Ortmann
  • Ella Page
  • Mykel Peters
  • Paul Osborne


  • Steve Richter
  • Elmer Ronnebaum
  • Rich Roush
  • Robert Wakefield
  • Dennis and Candy Wallin
  • Elaine Watson
  • Roger Ziegler
  • Roger Zimmer

State Senator Janis Lee was present and offered her thoughts on the project, as well as her congratulations to all those involved.    

James Haskins (left) opens the "ceremonial" hydrant at the corner of Main and Patterson demonstrating to all that the system truly works.  



Nancy Spiegel (left), who emceed the day's events, is shown here speaking to the crowd as the celebration officially started. 



The pictures that follow are "thumbnail" prints, meaning if you click on them, you will find a much larger picture underneath.  They show additional highlights of the day.

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