A Former Hospital Building Available
in Ellsworth County, Kansas

In February 1999 the Ellsworth County Veteran's Memorial Hospital moved into a new facility, vacating the building pictured above.  The original four (4) story brick building constructed in 1921 (pictured above right of center) stands in the southeast corner of the city of Ellsworth along US Highway 156.  Several additions have been constructed over the years, the first being in 1953.  This addition installed an elevator and expanded the first and second floors.  In 1963 the third and fourth floors were extended to match the 1953 addition, a kitchen and boiler room were added to the original structure on the north side, and a chapel was constructed over the original building front entrance.  An emergency room and offices were constructed in 1972 on the southeast side of the 1953 addition.


  • Area available is approximately 36,000 square feet on four (4) floors

  • Structure

    • Interior columns provide building's structural support.

    • There are no interior, load-bearing walls.

  • Roof installed in 1990-1991

  • Environment Control

    • Durham low pressure steam boiler -- 1997

    • HVAC:  Chrysler system (original section) -- 1921

    • 65 Ton Trane System (west wing) -- 1963

    • 10 Ton Carrier System (OB & surgery on 4th floor) -- 1963

  • Plumbing

    • 1921 & 1953 sections:  steel pipes

    • 1963 addition (3rd & 4th floors, west wing):  copper pipes

    • All toilets are in good condition

    • All pipes were covered with insulation and foam in 1972

  • Miscellaneous

    • Asbestos tile

      • 1st Floor:  Everything, even under carpet

      • 2nd Floor:  Everything

      • 3rd Floor:  Everything east of nurses' station

      • 4th Floor:  None

    • Elevators

      • Old -- 1921

      • New -- 1953                                                                                    Next Page